miercuri, 28 octombrie 2009

The Jogging Race - The Fun Theory

Fun. How can fun change the human behavior? This article is written for thefuntheory.com contest. There are lots of ideas that prove the fun theory. The piano stairs, is my favorite, but, can I came up with another idea? Yes I can.

Now to explain my idea. In the world, there are lots of people with, obesity problems. The lack of jogging and sport is very bad. People should understand that, by making sport, jogging for example, they maintain their health, their physical aspect, they maintain their body to a max capacity. My idea is to make a Jogging Race, where people in a park, start at a START position, and has to pass, through Checkpoints. They are giving an x amount of time in between checkpoints. If they succeed faster than the giving time, they will have bonus time. When they reach the finish position, they have to write their name, and if they made it in top ten, their name, shall appear in the Jogging Race Hall of Fame. We will use markers to delimit the track race, and pointers, to point where to take.

By doing this, I hope, people will do more jogging, for fun, and pleasure, than they do it ordinary.
Can we make fun change the human behavior? Can we make people do jogging using fun?  I say yes.
I upload, a few sketches ( hand made in Paint so I have an excuse for the low quality ) that I hope they will make you understand better my idea.

Scene 1.

Scene 2

Scene 3

If you want to comment, please do.

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