joi, 15 octombrie 2009

Climate Changing - BAD @ 2009

As we all now, the climate changing, is affecting us all. We have to do something about it, we can recycle more, clean up more, and use less fuel, so that the concentration of CO2 in the air, will lower, letting us breathe clean air. Climate Changing, big words, less action. This is how is done at the moment. Everybody speaks about it, everybody is concerning, but how many people make things happen? If we want to change, the change has to start within ourself. Just sitting and waiting for the others to change, is the biggest mistake that mankind can make. I fear for the future that will come. How will that future be? Darker or brighter? Better or worse than it is today? We have the power to change, it's in our nature to adapt, to learn and to change. This means we are humans! So, what are we waiting for?

This post, was dedicated for the Blog Action Day @ 2009. Change yourself, change the future!

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